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Ways of HP Equipment Service/Support

» Send-In to HP Service Centre
  (*certain models are only supported through HP Technical Support and service fee is applicable for
send-in to HP Service Centre)
» HP Master Parts Reseller
» Interact Online With HP Technical Support
» Call HP Technical Support
» HP Authorized Replacement Center - Cartridges/Print Head/Toner


Send-in to HP Service Centre
Operating Hours:
10am-7pm (Mondays to Fridays and Eve of Public Holidays)
  10am to 3pm (Saturdays)
  Closed On Sundays and Public Holidays

Peak Periods:
Mondays, Saturdays and the day following a Public Holiday
  Weekdays peak hours 2pm to 3pm; 4pm to 5pm
  Saturdays peak hours 11am to 2pm


How to get there?
438A, Alexandra Road, Alexandra Technopark

Blk A (Lift Lobby 2), #02-08
  Singapore 119967
Contact Numbers
Toll Free - 1800-2725333
Buses to HP
51, 57, 61,93,97,100,166, 175, 963
(Bus Stop No: 15051 or 15059)
Nearest MRT
Harbourfront (NE1), Queenstown (EW19) and Labrador
  Park (CC27)
  From Harbourfront MRT, board 93, 963 from
  Harbourfront Interchange or 57, 97, 61, 100, 166
  from Vivocity (Bus Stop No: 14141)
  From Queenstown MRT, board 51 at Bus Stop No:
  From Labrador Park MRT, cross the link bridge and walk
  towards PSA or NOL Building (Bus Stop No: 15041) and
  board 51, 57, 61, 93, 97, 100, 166, 175


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HP Master Parts Reseller

ServLink Technology Resources Pte Ltd

Part Sales Centre
438A Alexandra Road
Alexandra Technopark, Block A
Lobby 1 #B1-03
Singapore 119967
Mon- Fri, 9.00a.m to 6.00p.m
Tel No. (65) 62730010
Fax No. (65) 62743167
Email :

LifeStyle Link
438A Alexandra Road
Alexandra Technopark, Block A
Lobby 2 #02-08
Singapore 119967
Mon- Fri, 10:30a.m to 7.00p.m & Sat, 10:30a.m to 2.30p.m
Tel No. (65) 62730010 / 62734876
Fax No. (65) 62743167
Email :

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Alternately, you may also chat with our online technical support.




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