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Printer Products - Phone Support FAQ
(For Out-Of-Warranty Products)


1. What types of calls will be charged?



    Calls made for Out of Warranty printers will be charged as per the terms and conditions specified during the purchase of the product. HP support will be accessible if you have purchased a Carepack or Contract.  

2. Why has HP changed to chargeable phone support?


HP telephone assistance is only applicable when the product is in warranty. You may refer to the warranty statement included with the printer products for more information. If you have an Out of Warranty product, you will need to purchase an extended support package or Carepack to access HP phone support.

    3. Why was I not informed regarding the chargeable phone support?  
    HP has endeavored to provide the announcements through various channels while respecting your privacy. Customers calling HP for support will be informed via our Technical Support agent. The announcement has also been posted on the HP Support website.  

4. What are the conditions for the chargeable phone support?


All calls where the printer product is Out of Warranty will be charged.


5. How can I obtain support free of charge?

    Free of charge support can be obtained via the HP eSupport Website where technical information is readily available.  
    6. I have an open case which was opened prior to the introduction of the fee-based support. Will I still be charged?  

Support for calls made before the introduction of the chargeable phone support will not be chargeable.


7. How does the fee-based charging work?


The charges are based on the number of incidents, which is defined as the number of questions or issues posed to the Technical Support agent. For example, if you place a call to HP regarding a printing issue and a driver issue, this will counted as two incidents and charged accordingly.


8. What am I entitled to if I have a Hardware Carepack?


Customers with HP Hardware Carepacks can call HP for issues related to both hardware and software.


9. If I have a Phone Support Carepack, will an HP Certified Engineer attend to my issue onsite without any charges?


No. HP Phone Support Carepacks are only applicable for phone support.


10. I have agreed and paid for a one-time Phone support incident. Will I be charged if my issue is caused by a Hardware failure and I require an HP Certified Engineer to visit onsite?


In this case, you will be provided with a Hardware support quotation and once agreed, an HP Certified Engineer will attend to you onsite for the repair. Phone support charges will be waived.


11. Can I cancel my payment?


Once you have agreed to the payment and it has been processed, you cannot cancel the payment.


12. Will I be charged for driver issues?


Step by step guidance will be chargeable. However, providing the driver download URL on the HP Support website is free of charge.


13. Will I still be charged if the solution provided by the Technical Support agent does not resolve my issue?


Our Technical Support agents will endeavor to provide a resolution for your issues within reasonable means. There may be issues that are out of HP's control, such as issues involving Third Party Software. In this case, we will provide technical assistance to ensure that your issue is not related to HP Hardware.


14. I have agreed and paid for a one-time Phone support incident. However, after the technical troubleshooting, the Technical Support agent has confirmed that the issue is related to a Third Party Software. Will I still be charged?


Yes. HP has provided the necessary support to isolate the issue and confirm that the issue is not related to HP products.


15. I was charged for one-time Phone support and my case has been resolved and closed. However, the issue has reoccurred. Will I be charged again if I call HP for support?


As long as it is within 90 days and the Technical Support agent identifies it as the same issue, we will recognize it as the same incident and you will not be charged. Please take note of and quote your initial Case ID to facilitate the process.


16. What payment methods can I pay through?


There are various methods to pay for phone support. However, these methods vary from country to country. You will be advised accordingly when you call the respective Technical Support team.


17. If I call HP for support regarding a non-technical question, will I still need to pay?


Our Technical Support agent will determine the nature of your question and decide whether it is chargeable.


18. Do I still need to pay even if my call only takes a few minutes?


Yes. As long as HP has provided support, the support will be chargeable.


19. Where can I check for my product's warranty status?


You can check online via our Warranty Lookup Tool at . Alternatively, you can call our Technical Support teams who can assist to perform the check for you. Please have your product's serial number and product number ready.



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